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How to earn O Points on the Olight UK?

How to earn O Points on the Olight UK?

03 Aug, 2023

Having more points on Olight UK's official website means that you have more membership benefits, and there is a direct relationship between points and membership level.

Below are the rights and benefits of Olight UK membership level corresponding to different points.

You can earn points in the following ways:

1. Members can also obtain 5 points for daily login

2. Complete your birthday information in your Olight UK account to get 10 points

3. The Double Points in Birth Month are available for Gold and above.

4. Members can accrue points with each pound spent in Olight UK at a ratio of £1: 10 points

5. Members can also obtain 5 points for submitting each review on the order you brought

6. You can get points through the Lucky Wheel

In addition to the above regular ways to get points, the Olight UK website will have different point benefits during sales periods, such as free points for buying specific products, or free points for purchasing products within a certain period of time, or extra points for purchasing up to a certain value.


What are the differences between points and O-coins?

Points determine your membership level in the O-Fan Club, which entitles you to specific benefit(s) for your membership level.
O-coins are used to redeem items in the Redemption Zone of the O-Fan Club at a ratio of 200 O-coins: £1.

When I return a product, what will happen to my points and O-coins?

When the product is returned, the points and O-coins obtained from the product will be deducted from the balance.

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