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How to Choose the Best Camping Torch?

How to Choose the Best Camping Torch?

04 Jul, 2022

Nowadays, outdoor living is becoming more and more popular among people. Especially after getting tired of the busy and noisy city life, people often want to escape from the city and go to nature for a moment of liberation and relaxation. However, there are many different activities derived from outdoor living, such as outdoor climbing, outdoor skiing, outdoor exploring and outdoor camping. Outdoor adventure requires some difficult skills, so today we will only talk about outdoor camping.


When camping outdoors, you usually need to prepare a lot of things, such as tents, knives, sleeping bags and camping torches. As there are too many to explain, this article will only explain the selection of torches. How can you choose a torch that suits your needs and has a wide range of functions?


There are all kinds of torches on the market, and the quality varies. In the outdoor camping category alone there is a dizzying array of products. So, how do we choose the right one for us? We can't just buy them all, it's not practical and a waste of money. Don't worry, there are ways to help you choose the best one for you, which will save you a lot of effort.


What we need to know here are the factors in choosing a camping torch:


1. Brightness

Which one do you want between high brightness and low brightness? This has to do with your environment. If you are in the jungle, unwilling to be lonely at night, and want to go out for a few laps to find something interesting, then the torch you choose must be bright enough. At least the light must be able to illuminate the surrounding environment so that it can be considered qualified brightness.


Olight's camping lighting products are available in different brightness levels: less than 1000 lumens, 1000-2000 lumens, 2000-3000 lumens, and even more than 3000 lumens, with a maximum of 25000 lumens.

2. Distance

Many people have no requirements for distance, but there are still many who have such special needs. Some activities such as hunting and fishing require a much higher distance, but for people who generally just enjoy camping, this requirement is actually optional. If interested, check out the related knowledge about the long-beam of the torches!


3. Runtime

For those people who are more active at night and have a long time with their torch, it is impossible to stay indoors and they are natural adventurers. After finally coming to the outdoors, how can they be satisfied without exploring something interesting? So the runtime of the torch definitely a very important factor.

Just imagine, when you are doing something in the dark jungle, suddenly the torch is out of power, then I am afraid that no matter how good you feel before, you will become depressed or even terrifying.


4. Waterproof

Today's torches all have some basic waterproof properties, they can resist rain, deep water, shallow water, etc. However, most of the waterproof torches on the market are only resistant to rain and shallow water, and deep water resistance is a feature that only special-purpose torches have. So we won't go into details here. In camping activities, outdoor camping lights only need to be rain-proof and shallow-water proof to meet the basic needs. It is easy to encounter thunderstorms outdoors, so rain protection is a must. As for shallow water, in fact, it is rarely encountered that the torch will fall into shallow water, unless it is accidentally dropped into a river, lake or mountain stream. The chance is very small, but just in case, it is best to require outdoor camping torch to have this feature.


5. Self- defence

When we are outdoors we may encounter some wild animals attacking us. We can use the flashing function of the light to create a dazzling effect on the eyes of animals that want to approach us, thus sending a threatening signal to intimidate them and force them to retreat. Many outdoor camping torches now have this function called flashing or strobe, so you can pick one according to your needs.


Some of the Olight torches or head torches with strobe function are Array 2s headlamp, Perun Mini kit head torch, Perun 2, Baton 3, Warrior mini 2, S2R Baton II, Freyr muti-colored torch, Seeker 3 Pro, Marauder 2, X9R Marauder, Obulb series, etc.

6. Multi-functional

In outdoor camping, some people may need a torch with a variety of functions, such as a battery indicator, a mobile power source to charge a mobile phone or a desk lamp. Different groups of people have different needs.

If you want to read a book in your tent, then an outdoor camping torch that can be used as a desk lamp would be a good choice.

If you want to charge your mobile phone, then a torch with a USB port that can be used as a mobile power source would be your first choice.


Olight has different types of torch and there must be one to suit your needs.


7. Portability

Portability requires the torch to be small and easy to carry in a pocket. However, there is a point of conflict that needs to be noted. The small size means that the battery  volume has to be sacrificed so that the runtime will be shorter. This is really not desirable for many people who have high requirements on it. There is another situation, you don't need to reduce the size, you only need to do auxiliary carrying, such as adding a torch cover or a holding clip, a lanyard, etc. But it should be noted that this does not mean that the torch can be infinitely large. It will definitely not be convenient for us to carry.


Auxiliary carrying tools of Olight include leather cases, holding clips, lanyard, key rings, etc. You can view all our product details.


I'm sure many of you already have a choice in mind when it comes to outdoor camping torches.

If you're planning a trip in the near future and you're looking for a camping torch, then act now!

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