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Halloween Decorations Light 2022

Halloween Decorations Light 2022

21 Oct, 2022

Olight UK releases zombie green torch, orange LED torch, pumpkin lantern for Halloween event in October 2022, so you can enjoy strange and fun decoration ideas for torches.

1. i3E Zombie Green

Zombie Green is a new pattern idea developed by Olight for Halloween 2022.

The green and blood colour look is perfect for the Halloween festivities and you can have it for yourself or as a gift for family and friends.


The new I3E Zombie Green keychain torch is available for free with your order in the October sale.


Product Features:

● 90 Lumens

● Powered by a single widely available AAA battery

● Beam Distance: 44 metres

● PMMA TIR lens

● Mini Size


2. Baton 3 Zombie Green

Baton 3 Zombie Green is also a new Halloween product from the official Olight UK shop, isn't it a festive delight when you hold it and use it on Halloween?


Product Features:

● Tiny & Powerful: This perfect finger-sized light features a max 1,200-lumen output and 166-meter beam distance to tackle any task! 

● Hands-free Use: Can steadily stand upright or conveniently attached firmly to some iron or nickel products using the magnetic tail cap.

● Dual-direction Pocket Clip: Can be attached to belts, pockets, and backpacks for easy carrying, or clipped to the brim of a hat as a headlamp.


The new Baton 3 Zombie Green 1200 Lumens torch is up to 35% OFF during the October event!


3. Olantern classic 2 Pro Pumpkin Light

The orange Olantern classic 2 Pro goes perfectly with the Halloween pumpkin idea.

It can be used in campsite, backyard, party decorations, or emergency situations.

Product Features:

● Retro style

● 360-degree light distribution

Orange and warm white light

● Features USB-C and USB magnetic charging

● As an emergency power ban


Get up to 30% OFF on the Olantern classic 2 Pro Orange during the October event!

4. Arkfeld Orange

Isn't it fun to use the Arkfeld orange square torch to light up green lasers while you're playing games indoors or outdoors with friends on Halloween?


Product Features:

● 2 Colour temperatures:Neutral White LED (4000k~5000K), Cool White LED (5700K~6700K)

● 1,000 lumens

● Beam Distance:331 ft (101 m)

● Mode Operation:Central Button & Selector

● USB Charging

● IPX7

● Use for: Lighting, Presentation, Pet Toy


Get 10% OFF on the new Arkfeld Orange 1000 Lumen torch and get a FREE Patch!


5. Osling Pro

Use Osling Pro with Olight Obulb Pro and enjoy Halloween ghost and pumpkin style!


Product Features:

● Silicone Lanyard

● Easy to disassemble and assemble, can be hung, and has various shapes


Buy both the Osling Pro and the Olight Obulb Pro during the October event and get up to 40% OFF!


6. iXV OD Green

To meet the O-fans' demand, Olight launched iXV OD green! The neutral white (5000K) beam with a TIR optic lens offers a flood beam profile and 180 lumens. This combination of optics and LED is great for walking to your car at night or as an emergency light.


Buy the iXV OD Green keychain torch during the Halloween event and get 25% OFF!


7. Haloop

The Haloop is a UFO-like rechargeable metal umbrella light for users to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. It offers two light colors, orange and white light. The 360-degree soft light beam covers a large area, carving out a bright, cozy, and relaxing zone through the darkness. With the 8800mAh rechargeable battery pack, it will last throughout the night. The wide-range clamp fits almost all patio umbrella poles, whereas the hooks and binding strap make it a natural fit on any patio and at any camping site. The light adopts high-quality filament LEDs and durable metal material in its frame, shell, and many other parts. The 18W TypeC output port is meant to keep your digital devices always alive. Even better, it is rain-proof. The high-quality Haloop is sure to blow your mind away with premium quality and performance.


Get up to 30% OFF during the October event!

8. Javelot Mini /Tac

The Javelot Mini and Javelot Tac are both October Spotlight Long Range Torches.

You can click here for more information on spotlights and floodlights!

The Javelot Mini is a compact and powerful alternative to the Javelot Pro 2 and Javelot Turbo.

The Javelot Tac comes with 2 weapon mounting rails:Javelot Tac M has an M-LOK rail mount, while Javelot Tac P includes a Picatinny rail mount. This way, our customers can easily order the Javelot Tac that's perfect for their needs. By the way, you can buy the M-LOK or Picatinny rail mount individually at our website as you need.


Product Features:

● 1000 Lumens

● Beam Distance: 600 metres

● Olight first round hotspot torch/weapon mounted light

● IPX8

● 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery


Get up to 40% OFF on Javelot Mini purchases during the October event!

Get 30% OFF on Javelot Tac purchases during the October event!


9.  i5R HCRI

i5R HCRI is a high CRI (>90) version of i5R. The color rendering index is an important indicator to measure the quality of the light source. The larger the color rendering index of the light source, the more it can display the true color of the illuminated object, that is, the better the color reproduction. If the color rendering index is low, the color of the illuminated object will be distorted, that is, color distortion will occur.


For more information about CRI, please click here!

Enjoy up to 35% OFF on i5R HCRI purchases during the October Halloween Event!

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Love the obulb pro… superb piece of kit ! Also great that you can additionally control them from the olight app. Would love to a future addition to the app where you can schedule start and end times so you can automatically set up individually or by group 😊

Posted on: 27 Oct, 2022, 21:58:41