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First big sale in 2022, "it" catches all eyes?

First big sale in 2022, "it" catches all eyes?

14 Jan, 2022

Halfway through the first month of 2022, how are you doing? Does the new year bring new luck and new expectations? This year, Olight will continue to accompany you and illuminate you. A new year begins, our big sale also begins! In this sale, we picked 25 products with very favorable prices, involving various types. There is always one that you need and like.

And I believe someone may notice that we have also released a lot of new products. First of all, the most eye-catching and the most discussed product is Olamp, Nightour. Everyone who knows us will find that this is a brand new product line of Olight. We have never sold this kind of table lamps before, and there are relatively few such table lamps on the market. The Nightour attracted a lot of attention when it was released, not only because it was a brand new product, but also because of its beauty and functionality. Let's take a look at this useful and unique table lamp together!

First, we can take it as two parts, the stem and the lamphead.

The stem has two modes, one is a warm white light, which is very suitable for reading or daily lighting; the other one is vibrant colour lights which is a set of RGB LEDs supporting 256-color gradient rotation. It will give you more fun. If you want it to stop at your preferred colour, just flipping the toggle switch twice.

The Nightour is also equipped with a detachable lamphead. You can attach it to the magnetic charging port at the top of the lamp, or simply hold it in your hand like a flashlight. With the lamphead attached, the Nightour will morph into a great table light that can be tilted 90 degrees freely.

The most amazing feature is that it is suitable for many of your Olight products! Do you have a Obulb MC, Obulb MCs or Baton 3? If yes, I have to congratulate you on having more lampheads! The top button is also able to control them as a lamphead. Besides that, it can charge for Obulb MC and Obulb MCs. (NOTICE: top button works only while the Nightour is plugged in).

It also has a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery, the light stem can run up to 31 hours when unplugged and you can charge it via a USB-C. Very convenient indeed. No need to worry about the annoying charging. Then as you see, the Nightour is slim and the suction pad base measures only 3.35in/85mm in diameter. Its small size means that it doesn't need to take up too much space.

In a word, such a table lamp can meet various needs of your daily use, and it is definitely a reliable product that can accompany you for many years with Olight quality and warranty. Using this table lamp at home may make you feel much better in mood and efficiency. Buy early and enjoy early! you can click the link below to view more information.

Of course, in addition to this table lamp, we have many other new products unveiled. To be precise, most of them are new colors of our previous best-selling! There are four products get a blue colour this time, Seeker 3 Pro, Open Mini and Array 2s. But their blue is also different, Seeker 3 Pro and Open Pro is lake blue, Open Mini is blue and Array 2s is midnight blue. Well, Olight is also meticulous and accurate in colour, which can meet the various needs of most people. They all have a great discount too, and you can even get an Open Mini blue for just £4.75 in the bundle option of Array 2s .

Then, there is BEL 900 for your bike, the Obulb MC red and green for those people miss it on last Christmas sale and a new MCC3- C magnetic charging cable which is convenient for it allows you to use readily accessible USB-C power sources. Well, it seem to be blue too.

Click the links below to view details. Definitely not to be missed.

In the new year, we provide you with new products. We believe you can see that Olight is exploring new lighting categories. We hope you like it and hope that you can continue to look forward to us. Let’s move forward together in this new year!

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