Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

Product Review | First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

First impressions of the Warrior M2R Pro

By Christian Southward                       

I'm sure many of you will know what an absolute banger this torch is but... I picked it up in the sale.  I actually wanted a warrior X pro or warrior X Turbo.  But the ocean camo pattern on the M2R Pro called to the magpie in me!  I wasn't disappointed either, the pattern is really lovely, it really shines, very eye catching.   

The kit it comes with is great too, the lanyard and holster are great to have. The crenulated bezel is quite sharp, it would definitely get through the fabric if pocket carried, so the holster is invaluable.  Having an adjustable lanyard keeps it secure on my wrist, I can carry it, confident it won't get dropped or misplaced. 

The fit and finish, the machining, style and heft all tell you it's a top quality product.  I can't find any fault there.  Perhaps my only niggle so far (and I've got to really nit-pick with this) is that the side switch isn't that easy to find in the dark, it takes a bit of rolling the torch around to locate it.  I'm sure it'll become easier with use.  Even if it doesn't, it's not something that bothers me. 

But it's use.  Man, what a torch!  I was at first a little unsure about spending 80-odd quid on a torch but I'm glad I did.  I often go for a late-night walk on a large field at the back of my house.  Being able to easily switch through the various light outputs is a great thing to have.  The light thrown out on all settings is all useable, even the lowest setting lights up the path ahead nicely, and not so bright that it ruins my night vision for a little naked eye stargazing. 

The turbo setting is unreal!  I've never seen a torch chuck out so much quality light, both as a spot and a wider arc, all at once.  There are a few dark, overgrown corners on the field, I think they won't have had as much light during the day than when I get the turbo glaring into them!   

While the torch is a little big for pocket EDC, it's taken up a very welcome place in my maxpedition neatfreak EDC bag.   It'll go everywhere I go.  I like having multiple lights on me but I've been relying on cheapo lights that are little better than stocking fillers.  They've all been replaced with i3T and i5T.  But the M2R Pro is very much pride of place and the one I definitely want with me.  I especially like the defensive capability that comes from the strength of the torch and the crenulated bezel.  Whichever way I think about it, I can walk much more confidently on my own at night, in the dark (not so much on the turbo setting!)  I have some woods nearby too so I'll get a test run in there in coming days.  I worked in a coastguard search and rescue team some years ago.  I wish we had the kind of ocapability and oversatility that this torch offers. 

I'm delighted with the torch, a stunningly good piece of kit. I'm very glad to have bought direct from #OlightUK , their customer service is about as good as I've ever had.

24 Sep, 2021
Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Shopping guide for Flash Sales in August

Have you noticed any interesting functions on our new website?

Dear O-Fans. Welcome to our new website!


To give you a pleasant shopping experience, we upgraded the website! (Welcome to join our Facebook Group: Olight UK Group, leave your opinions to help Olight UK further improve the online store. Let’s work together to make shopping more comfortable!)


This blog will be divided into two parts. Part one is about the new functions which will be helpful in your Flash Sale shopping in August. The second part is 3 tips for your shopping on this coming Flash Sale.


Part one: What kinds of new functions will help with your shopping?

Here are two new functions that we’d like to introduce to you. 


New Function 1: Log in to the website, get 5 points per day.

You will receive 5 points if you log in to the website every day!

*This benefit is available from 28/08 to 30/09 23:59.

Why should I collect points? What do the points mean? Below is a table for you to have an intuitive understanding of ‘points’. The higher level you are, the more benefits you will enjoy. Simply register and join our O-Fan Family!


New Function 2: Get the coupon on the coupon center

All coupons will be shown in My Account - Asset Center - Coupon Center to give you a distinct view. Take the £5 coupon which could be used on this Flash Sale as an example. There are three entries to get this coupon.

1) You could get it on Coupon Center through the page of My Account.

2) When you are browsing the listing of the product, you can easily find the £5 coupon which is under the price.

3) On the payment page, there is a coupon above the subtotal amount.

*Don't forget to click the coupon center and get your coupon before the payment is finished!


Part 2: Are there any tips for this Flash Sale?

Sure. The Flash Sale is available from 20:00 30/08 - 23:59 31/08 in August. It is up to 40% OFF! During the sale, there are 15 brand new products will be displayed. Don't hurry, before you start your shopping journey, please allow me to share some tips with you. 


1: Log in to the website to get the FREE X9R CELL Black / i3E Black AND a £5 OFF coupon during the Flash Sale.

During this time of Flash Sale, every customer will have a chance to get an X9R CELL as a FREE Log in gift (The i3E Black will be your log-in gift if the X9R CELL is sold out). This means the quantity of X9R CELL is LIMITED! If you prefer the X9R CELL to i3E Black, don't forget to log in quickly to get yours before others!


This sale is also a test for the new website, a £5 coupon will be given to you during this Flash Sale as a thank you gift. Moreover, it is available for any products on the website, including on-sale products! 

2: Expect the largest discounts? The bundle option should be your choice!

How can I get 2 torches at one price? Pick the bundle without thinking! As displayed on the landing page, we prepare different bundles to help you make the purchase choice. Most bundled products are at a larger discount than a single product. The following is a diagram which can help you in comparing the price. 


3: Have no idea how to choose a product? What about picking the Blind pack?

Is it hard to decide for you to choose the Olight UK torch? The blind pack comes to help you! Here are three kinds of blind packs. Each blind pack includes a torch that is of higher value than you paid (Cost-saving). Choose a blind pack and get your special surprise!(Click Here)


We are looking forward to your feedback/suggestions. Your opinions will help a lot. Thank you for reading this blog. We wish you a happy online shopping trip!

29 Aug, 2021
How does the colour temperature of the torch come from?

How does the colour temperature of the torch come from?

Body temperature refers to the "temperature of the body" and water temperature refers to the "temperature of water". What about "colour temperature"? Everyone often sees the value of the colour temperature in the torch manual, so many people ask, does the colour also have a temperature? What exactly is colour temperature?

So let's look into what we mean by Colour Temperature.

To expressing the colour temperature in general terms we use the words “cool and warm colour“. it can also be accurate to an value. This precise value is a unit of measurement that indicates the colour components contained in light.


Why use temperature to define colour?

To expressing the colour temperature in general terms we use the words “cool and warm colour“. it can also be accurate to an value. This precise value is a unit of measurement that indicates the colour components contained in light.

For example, a piece of iron is black at first, and turns red as the temperature rises, but at the same time we found that the flame of a higher temperature than the molten iron is white and slightly bluish in colour. This proves that different temperatures will emit different colours of light.

When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the black body is called the colour temperature at this degree, and the unit of measurement is "K" (Kelvin).

Then, just like the light emitted by our torches, which has the same spectral composition as the light emitted by a black body at a certain temperature, it is called by a K colour temperature. For example, the colour temperature of the light source of Warrior X Turbo is between 6000~6700K.


What is the colour temperature of common light colours?

Generally, LEDs have cool white light (colour temperature around 6500K), medium white light (colour temperature around 4000K), and warm white light (colour temperature below 3000K). Different colours correspond to different colour temperatures. The colour temperature does not indicate the performance of the light source.

Colour temperature is calibrated by this method, and is exactly the opposite of what the general public thinks of "warm" and "cold". For example, people usually feel that red, orange, and yellow are warmer, white and blue are cooler, but the colour temperature of red is actually The lowest and then gradually increase are orange, yellow, white, and blue, with blue being the highest colour temperature.

The light with a low colour temperature is yellowish, such as incandescent light, about 2800K, and the lamp with high colour temperature is blue, such as a purple lamp, above 9000K.


Different colour temperatures, different applicable scenes.

Warm light

The colour temperature of warm light is below 3300K, and warm light is similar to incandescent lamps. The warm white light of the Obulb is a warm atmospheric light that has a colour temperature of 2700K. The colour temperature of a candlelight is around 2000K so we can see how similar these two light sources are.

There are more red light components, which can give you a feeling of warmth, health, comfort, and rest. These are suitable for our Homes, Hotels, dormitories and other places or places where the colour temperature is relatively low; falling asleep with warm colour light is more stable and comfortable.


The colour temperature of neutral light is between 3300K-5000K and is a soft light. The colour temperature of the Olantern Mini is 5000K, and the light effect is soft and uniform.  It is very suitable for a camping trip. Or in case of power outages at home the Olantern Mini light offers security and reassurance.

Cool light

The light source is close to natural light, and the colour temperature is above 5000K, which is bright and can help people concentrate. Often in tactical torches, the demand for colour temperature will be a cool white light. The colour temperature of the Warrior mini 2 reaches 6000~7000K, and with high luminous flux, it can be seen more clearly and accurately, which can help with identifying an object in the dark.

The strong white light irradiation is as large and uniform as daylight, which can suppress and interfere with the enemy, and at the same time expose the danger hidden in the dark, see more clearly and comprehensively, and further protect your personal safety.

Now, do you have a recognition of the colour temperature of the torch? If not, stay in our blog, more torches introduction or professional knowledge will be posted.

11 Aug, 2021
Too many offers? Here are the best tips for you.

Too many offers? Here are the best tips for you.

The Summer Sales is roughly a 4-day-long event, which is scheduled to officially launch at 20:00 on 26th July and ends at 23:59 on 30th July.

How to make full use of this summer sale to get your favorite lights at a preferential price? Here are the tips.



Log in to our website after 8 pm 26/07 to get a free i3E blue keychain light

During the entire summer sale, you could get the i3E in blue for free, and all you need to do is log in to our website. The free i3E blue will be delivered with your order. If you are just interested in i3E blue, you just need to pay £4.95 for the shipping. When the summer sale is over, the shipping fee you've paid will be returned to you in 3 working days as a coupon code. You’re allowed to use this coupon to buy any kinds of products which are listed on our website.

Attention: I3E is limited in quantity. Just log in to our website quickly and get yours during our summer sale!



Set your alarm clock at 20:00

The summer sale will start at 8 p.m. From 26th to 30th, there are different kinds of products for you to choose from at an amazing lower price.

Just keep focusing on our newsletter and Facebook to get the newest information!



Try the sales pack

For our summer sale, Olight have prepared 4 different sale packs for you to choose from, including one with over 10 products!

£99.95 Set: i1R 2 Desert Tan Keychain Torch & i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch & S1R Baton II & Bike Rear Light SEEMEE 30 & Open 2

£199.95 Set: New Colour Desert Camouflage of Warrior X Turbo & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Popular EDC Torch Baton 3 & Limited Edition i3T Brass & Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb

£299.95 Set: Warrior X Pro Desert Sunset & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Powerful Head Torch Perun kit & Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3 & Warrior Mini Set with Obulb Blue & i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch

£399.95 Set: Marauder 2 Lumen Moster & New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini & Multifunctional Head Torch Perun Kit & Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3 & Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb & Warrior Mini Set & & FREE Multi-tool


In pack 1, for the price of just the Open 2 and S1R II, you will also receive an i1R 2 Desert Tan, i5T EOS Stardust EDC Torch and Bike Rear Light SEEME 30. Also, you will be eligible for the first-Tier gift – Obulb. In total, you can get 6 products at £99.95! That's a real bargain.


If you prefer torch to penlight, pack 2 will be a more suitable choice for you. Warrior X Turbo in new limited edition, Desert Camouflage. The new release series, Olantern mini, is an ideal friend to protect your eyes when you have to face the screen at night. These two items alone would normally cost £229.85! However, you could take them home at £199.95. In addition, you will get a Baton 3, i3T Brass and an Obulb in pink in this pack, too! But there is a penlight in this pack, because the Open 2 (Tier-Gift) will be included also.


Maybe you’re curious about the Warrior X Pro in limited colour Desert Sunset. Using a customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery, the Warrior X Pro produces an incredible 2,100-lumen output and 500-meter throw allowing you to see in any harsh situation. So why don’t you choose Warrior X Pro which is included in pack 3? In addition, the i5T Stardust not only helps you to find the ways in the dark, but also reminds you that don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky. Besides, you can get an extra 5 products, the New Release Camping lantern Olantern Mini, best-selling headlight Perun Kit, Wireless Charger EDC Torch Baton 3, Scenarios-based ORB Light Obulb in blue and Warrior Mini. You could get all of this for as little as £299.95, which helps you save over £202!


Marauder 2, the beast, reaches 14,000-lumens acting as a floodlight to illuminate a large area and 800-meter spotlight to reveal a far-off target. The 54Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows its runtime up to 59 hours. Marauder 2 normally sells for £329.95. Just add an additional £70.05 to get Pack 4, which includes Marauder 2, Olantern Mini, Perun Kit, Baton 3 Premium Edition, Obulb in blue, Warrior Mini and a FREE Multi-tool. All these products could be taken away at the price of £399.95! What’s more, a free gift which worth over £99 will be given to you too.


To sum up, we hope the three tips will help you with your summer sale’s shopping. We sincerely hope this sale could help you to purchase the product that you’ve had your eyes on for some time now. Thank you for your continual support. Happy Summer shopping! 

23 Jul, 2021
What can we do after lockdown?

What can we do after lockdown?

During the last year, our lives have been severely affected by the pandemic. We no longer hang out or work as before, as it has been the case for a lot of people that they feel safer staying at home. Things change a lot.

However, there is something that will never change. That is our love for the great outdoors. After lockdown, do you miss the fresh air, the landscape and the open space? It is time to plan some trips. Have you made a plan to enjoy nature time? Here I have got some ideas to share with you.


Camping is always fun! Especially if you have children, it will be wonderful to have family camping time. Setting up a tent at a campsite or by a lake, we can tell stories, sing songs or just have some chats with our families and friends. Alongside the fascinating scenery, it will be relaxing and enjoyable. And Olantern mini and Obulb will be your best companions.

Olantern mini, which looks like an oil lamp, helps to bring us back some memories of years gone by. Decorating and illuminating, it’s environmentally friendly as a LED. What is most important, its small body would not take much space in your kit. We know it’s annoying to take lots of stuff outdoors, so the Olantern mini is palm sized. It will be easy to carry such a small light to make your campsite more stylish.

Obulb helps to enliven atmosphere. It shines for your cozy time with family and friends. Hanging over the tent or from a tree branch, Obulb is perfect for that little bit extra. It is also perfect for kids and the lightweight camper where the weight of your pack is most important.


Hiking is regarded as one of the best ways to appreciate nature. From neat mountains, stylish houses to blooming flowers, all these beautiful sights are available while rambling on paths. With the starry sky, bird song and refreshing breeze, an evening spent outside can be worth every second. After staying in the house for such a long time, it will be wonderful to walk across the fields and ford the streams.

As we know, a bright torch with long runtime is essential for hiking. The portable Baton 3 premium will be the best choice. Its 1200 lumen output will illuminate the fields. The charging case can fully charge the torch up to 3.7 times, which makes the torch boast a max runtime of 20 days. With Baton 3 premium, we are not afraid of running of battery during our camping trip. Here is a small tip: hiking with a Baton 3 and a Baton 3 premium, and you can still have light to hand while the other one is charging.

If you’d like to view the whole scenery, you may enjoy climbing mountains. As you go higher and higher, light clouds, stretching forests and unfathomable depths, all are in your sight. If you prefer to climb mountains after sunset, the Perun 2 will be a guide allowing you to see a different side of nature at dusk. With right angle illumination and a headband, it is the perfect headlamp for handsfree use.

Adventures will also be a good choice. Cave exploration, canyons hiking, jungle exploration, river rafting, rock climbing, all are excellent ways to explore nature. And you will obtain some unforgettable memories.

Before setting off on your next adventures, consider taking a Freyr with you. The Freyr with its 4 colour lights, which can be used for night fishing, hunting, stargazing or signaling. One Freyr will meet all your needs in the outdoors. With a silicone traffic wand, Freyr also can be used to mark a potentially dangerous area. A Freyr is a multipurpose torch to guard your safety in adventures.

Are you ready to breathe the air mixed up with the smell of grass and the fragrance of flowers? What are you planning to do in nature? Don’t forget to take Olight with you. Whether you're planning hiking or camping, our torches make sure you can push your surroundings in brightness.

15 Jul, 2021
Why do I need an obulb?

Why do I need an obulb?

Children, from birth to adulthood, need time and attention from their parents. The impact of this personal interaction cannot be underestimated. The importance of family time has a bearing on the social and emotional maturity of children and establishes deep understanding among family members.

          If you are thinking about how to spend your family time, you need an obulb to light it up! Shining, sticking, playing, it is a lot of fun and a way to be creative. One-button operation to light up a joyful family time. 

Forgetting about the daily grind and stresses for any amount of time each day is invaluable. If you read at night, it grants you an outlet from the struggles of your own life and allows you to walk in someone else’s proverbial shoes.     

        Night reading coupled with warm light means relaxing! 360°cozy illumination to enhance good moods all over your house. With the magnetic bottom and adhesive metal badge, it can attach to almost anything at any angle. 

Sometimes spending a day in the wilderness isn't quite enough to truly capture the feeling of a special place. Sure, you see some amazing views or go on an unforgettable hike. But to get the full experience, you yearn to see the dark, starry skies. To listen to the nightlife, to watch the sun rise on a silent, dewy morning.

       Obulb can help you achieve all your wishes!Four light modes available for multiple purposes. Cheers you up during a night walk, hiking, camping, etc.

A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. If you want to optimize your health or lose weight, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do.
        To ensure your sleeping quality, you need an obulb. 3.5 lumen soft light for the perfect sleep companion. Bright enough to scare away the monsters. Dim enough for a good night’s rest.

Emergencies can occur in any location, from severe weather storms and natural disasters to roadside breakdown and other emergency situations.

          If you have an obulb, you will have a considerate signaling tool. It includes flashing red light mode perfect for breakdowns or a beacon. Have an obulb, have a trustworthy buddy by your side!

13 Jul, 2021
To Be An Enthusiastic Camper With Olantern

To Be An Enthusiastic Camper With Olantern

There was a time when campers prided themselves on 'getting back to nature' and living the simple life, sleeping under the stars with just the basics for cooking and washing. You can consider an Olantern, and it's worth buying one if you plan to stay camping in one place for nights pure with cold air and lit with stars.

The Inspiration Of Olantern’s Creation

    The use of oil lamps began thousands of years ago and continues to this day, although their use is less common in modern times. Oil lamps are a form of lighting and were used as an alternative to candles before the use of electric lights.

    Starting in 1780, the Argand lamp quickly replaced other oil lamps still in their basic ancient form. These in turn were replaced by the kerosene lamp in about 1850. In small towns and rural areas, and the latter continued in use well into the 20th century, until such areas were finally electrified and light bulbs could be used.

    Today, the history of lighting with oil lamps has been rewritten. With the development of LED, our life has a new light source. The traditional shape, coupled with modern technology, fascinates people who like the outdoors and camping, and let the generation that has grown up nostalgic for it.

The Company That Olantern Provides

|I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately ...

   I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life!

   To put to rout all that was not life...

   And not when I came to die, discover that I had not lived...

   ---Walden; or, Life in the Woods

    An ownership experience is essential to a successful camping trip. The peace and comfort of your desired rest dependent on the arrangement of the scene. Put a pot of ground coffee, take to lake by your boats to fish or reading in the shade of the trees... It cannot be less with a perfect camp lamp as evening approached. Let's find out more about the utility of Olantern.

   Part One: Overview Of Olantern

OLIGHT Olantern is an excellent all-around lantern, giving out an even, steady 360-degree lighting distribution. It is powered by four 1900mAh lithium-ion batteries rechargeable via the magnetic charging cable and runs up to 80 hours.

    The white light LED module (3 adjustable settings) and flaming LED module are replaceable for fun and scenario-based illumination. The battery indicator around the button indicates the battery level. A recessed type power button can prevent mistakenly touching; while a stable base and the hanging hook are available for several placement options.

Weight (g / oz)

347g / 12.24oz (Battery included)

Height (mm / in)136.3 / 5.37
Base Diameter (mm / in)66.0 / 2.60
PackagingCarton Blister

   Part Two: Details Of Olantern

  1) Hanging hook

    The silicone on the outer surface is made for comfort and a firm grip.

    When the hook is unlocking, you can put the Olantern flat on a table without compromising lamplight.

  2) Transparent cover

    The high-performance LED combined with transparent cover ensures an even, steady 360° light distribution.

  3) Power button

    Due to the recessed type design, the power button has the function of preventing mistakenly touching.

    Meanwhile, you can grope blindly for the power button in the dark easily with the special design.

  4) Battery indicator

    The battery indicator around the button indicates the battery level and fades on and off to reveal the button in the darkness.

  5) Flaming LED Module

    The main function of the flaming LED module is not to illuminate a large area, but to provide a soft light within one meter. Wherever you place it, its low color rendering will add a romantic ambiance on a quiet night.

    Part Three: Operation Guide Of Olantern

LEVEL 1 (lumens)360 (White Light)
Run-time LEVEL 16.5 hours (White Light)
LEVEL 2 (lumens)120 (White Light)
Run-time LEVEL 220 hours (White Light)
LEVEL 3 (lumens)30 (White Light)
Run-time LEVEL 375 hours (White Light)
Flaming ( lumen)1
Run-time LEVEL80 hours

A Brief Summary:

OLIGHT Olantern can be used in many situations, such as camping, hiking, outdoor barbecue, and so on.

    Overall, it is of excellent workmanship, and the details are very user-friendly.

    Whether the flaming LED module made a deep impression on you? Featuring two interchangeable LED modules, the Olantern allows you to switch between a standard white light or an ambient flickering flame. That is to say that the innovative design of replaceable modular lamp group can be well-received by everyone.

    Small and exquisite designs always remind you of carrying the light to show your path and fear none whatsoever.

Add to Basket: Olight Lantern 360-Degree Lighting Scenario-Based EDC Torch

30 Jun, 2021
Explore The Industrial Aesthetics Of Odin

Explore The Industrial Aesthetics Of Odin

The tactical element on Torches is kind of like nature itself industrial aesthetics.

The Tactical element on Torches is a kind of like nature itself industrial aesthetics.

For those of you with a military complex. You will imagine yourself in the middle of a battle, fighting in the dark and withstanding the evil when you hold a tactical torch.

Therefore Powerful and functional tactical torch can give them a sense of enough security, especially the industrial aesthetics of torches have a strong fascination for them.

  During the process of design the torches, some design what seems to be taken for granted actually contains the subtle wisdom of the designer. Modeling, structure, material, texture, interaction and scene design are all in the designer’s result after thinking. A product that can combine utility and beauty is a work of art. this is the industrial aesthetics of torches.

  Industrial aesthetics is an important part of modern aesthetics. On the basis of meeting the needs of using scenes and using objects, the works are integrated with aesthetic concepts. So that the works have both practical functions and aesthetic feeling.

“Explore the industrial aesthetics of Odin”

Today, let us explore the industrial aesthetics of Olight Odin together.

  The Strong performance and elegant appearance of Olight Odin at the same time embody the function beauty, material beauty and shape beauty of craft aesthetics. ODIN, This is a series of tactical legends. It’s time to discover the next level of reliability, comfort and performance. Professional as it is for PICATINNY mounts. Innovative as it is with dual locks. Experience a new look. Odin, let’s discover more...

  The Odin is OLIGHT’s brand new tactical torch with an exquisite appearance. Designed for PICATINNY mounts, this outstanding textured light succeeds the classic features of Warrior X’s vibration battery indicator, metal silent switch and magnetic charging. Its innovative slide rail mount with a mechanical lock features a fast and reliable dual-mounting system with both front and reverse installation. Its innovative remote switch comes with a locking function for a tight fit by a slight push of the ring. Powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery and equipped with a PMMA optical lens, this amazing light delivers MAX 2,000 lumens and 300 meters. With incredible performance and ultra-solid build of sturdy stainless steel bezel, aircraft aluminum body, 1.5m drop resistance, IPX8 waterproof, high lumens, long beam distance and runtime, reliable slide rail mount with quick install/release system, the Odin is a high quality lighting tool for professional users in any harsh situation.

Did you discover that these tactical elements of ingenious design on Odin?

Tactical Stainless Steel Bezel

Rifling, also known as Rifle. Because its cross section shape is similar to windmill, also known as windmill line. Rifling is designed to give the warhead in its intended direction after it has been discharged

The design of Olight Odin’s tactical attack head incorporates elements of barrel rifling. Viewed from the front, the undulation, texture and rotation of Odin’s stainless steel bezel section are similar to the rifled section of a gun barrel.

Rotating and twisting lines, giving the bezel of dynamic modeling, the perfect tactical elements into the design of the tactical torch, strong light Touch and Go. This originality and professionalism of design, Do you GET it?


“The ornamentation of the torch body
The bullet case shape is like a tough guy image, give people a sense enough security”

The grooved pattern on the body of Odin, So do you know what's its pattern like?


As a tactical Torch, Olight designer added a bullet case shape grooved pattern to the body of the Odin barrel. The body of Odin is embellished with simple abstract patterns, which not only gives the Odin a minimalist look but also increases the grip friction and makes it full of tactical style.

The bullet grain printed on the body of the Olight Odin is like the fortitude carved into one’s heart and the blood surging in the chest. Even if being in the smoke of gunpowder and a rain of bullets war, still forge ahead.

About the beauty of the details of The Olight products. What else did you find? Please share your keen observation with us?

22 Jun, 2021
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