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Brand of head Torch: Petzl vs Olight

Brand of head Torch: Petzl vs Olight

You must heard about Olight, somewhere before, or you are a regular customer or a big fan of Olight, then you enter our website to look for a specific torch. But it is different case for Petzl, if there is a mention about Petzl, it would be like, “I use my Petzl for night running” or “I use my Petzl for mountaineering”. It is absolutely nothing like “Oh wow, what is the bright thing in your hand?” Petzl is a company producing and selling head torches and climbing gears, and Olight is an illumination company, which specializes in not just head torch, but also every day carry torch, tactical torch, bike light and searching light. Olight now is dealing with camping folding knives as well. So Olight and Petzl have something in common, they both have head torches. Is Olight or Petzl head torch any good?

When you enter Petzl website, you will learn that Petzl chases powerful, lightweight and more adapted headlamps to outdoor enthusiasts. They divide headlamps into 4 types: classic headlamps, active headlamps, performance headlamps and specialize headlamps. Simple and directly distinction between these 4 types are the application of the head torch. Through the name of the category, you will have a first impression of the head torch. Which range you should choose depends on how you are going to use the head torch, in another sentence, how are you going to use the head torch? Are you looking for a head torch for camping, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, or canyoning? Once you figure out the most use activity, then you are becoming clearer to what head torch you are in need.

You need to know what you are going to use your head torch for, this is the first step, when you have the answer, then you need to compare the lumens, run-time and weight, etc. But remember the 3 elements: lumens, run-time and weight are the priority. Let’s go with the lumens first. Is the brighter the better? I suggest not just chase for the lumens, brighter might mean heavier because it needs a bigger capacity of battery to run the torch, you need to balance these two things. Generally, a 300 lumens head torch is good enough, and it can adapt to most activity, including camping, hiking, night walking, running, jogging, fishing and mountaineering. And if you are in favor of caving, canyoning, a higher lumens is a better choice. You need to look for a 450 lumens or a 500 lumens head torch in Petzl for a specific situation. Also compare the run-time then the weight. Moreover, Petzl can offer brighter, and the brightest head torch in Petzl so far is 1100 lumens in boost mode. Actually it seems a little complicated in buying a Petzl head torch compared to buying an Olight. You can not have this and that in one Petzl, so you have to spend time on comparing this one and that one to figure out what is the best.

However, in Olight online store, there are only 2 options, Array or Perun. Array is a kind of non-removable, lighter head torch, while Perun is not just a head torch, but also a hand-held torch, or a work light. Perun is more versatile. Olight No.1 brightest head torch Perun 2 achieves 2500 lumens. Olight also is in pursuit of brighter and brighter, at the same time, more adapted to more application in one torch.

As you can see, Perun 2 comes into being. Since it released in November last year (Nov. 2020), it became famous overnight and won more and more people’s likes. You can clip it into your pocket, backpack or jacket. If you are camping outside, you can clip it to the top of your tent, or the edge of your hammock with the versatile dual pocket clip. Like most of the Olight products, it comes with the magnetic base, so when you need the head torch to charge, it is particularly convenient to connect it with the magnetic charging cable. One second then you are good to go, you don’t need to screw out the tail cap and remove the battery or uncover the charging port, just one second, this is how the magnetic field works. Also you have no worry of the leak of water with magnetic base compared to a cover charging port. It is 2500 lumens and the remain question is how is the run-time. The run-time is 12.5 days at miximum. Below is how the Perun 2 illuminates. 2500 lumens for 2 mins at turbo mode, then it will drops to 800 lumens for 175 mins (nearly 3h); 500 lumens (high mode) for 4.5 hours; 120 lumens (medium mode) for 18 hours; 30 lumens (low mode) for amazingly 66 hours while at moonlight mode, the 5 lumens, it lasts 12.5 days. If you simply want a head torch, Perun 2 will save your time on searching and searching. Go straightly to the listing to learn more about the brilliant head torch.

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