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Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him/Her

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him/Her

09 Feb, 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up on 14 February, have you thought of a gift for your beloved one?

The Olight UK official website shop has released new products for Valentine's Day in February. The Javelot mini Orange Limited Edition Search and Rescue Torch, the Warrior Mini 2 Black Lava Limited Edition Torch, the i5R Red & Gunmetal Grey Small Couple EDC Torch and the Wyvern/Gotorch/RN 100 TL, bike lights loved by outdoor cycling enthusiasts!


All these Olight products are perfect as gifts for your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend to give them a bright light in the darkness. Let's take a look!


1. Javelot Mini Orange: Limited edition search and rescue torch for Valentine's Day

Only 5000 pieces of Javelot Mini Orange will be available worldwide.


● Up to 600m long throw, the spotlight beam

● Up to 1000 lumens output

● Small in size at 4.53 inches, it can be held in the hand easily.

● It is Olight's first torch with a round emitter, providing a uniform beam and a clear hotspot

● A large switch allows for easy one-touch operation and magnetic charging


Click here for details of the Javelot Mini:

Click here to purchase at a special Valentine's Day price:

2. Warrior mini 2 Black Lava: Limited Edition Torch for Valentine's Day

This torch is black with some red flames - doesn't it look great? Give your husband or boyfriend the Warrior mini 2 Black Lava torch for Valentine's Day and they'll love it (Black Lava is limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide and is available while stocks last).



● Maximum output 1750 lumens, maximum throw distance 220m

● Maximum runtime 45 days

● Built-in proximity sensor that automatically reduces brightness when an object is approached in front of the torchlight source to prevent burns

● Suitable pocket size, smaller than a 4.7-inch tall mobile phone, only 4.65-inch long

● Two switches: side switch and tail switch for switching light sources

Click here to buy it at a special Valentine's Day price.


3. i5R Red and Gunmetal grey torch - small, everyday carry - it is available while stocks last

Wouldn't the red and gunmetal grey be perfect for couples to own?


● Maximum output 350 lumens, maximum throw distance 64m

● Compact & Lightweight: With 2.12 oz in weight and 95.4 mm in length, it takes up little space.

● Maximum runtime: 37 hours

● Type C charging

● Aluminium alloy

● Cool white light

Click here to see how the i5R differs from other similar torches:

Click here to purchase at a special Valentine's Day price:


4. Gifts for cycling enthusiasts: Wyvern/Gotorch X bike headlight + RN 100 TL tail light

Wyvern city road commuter bike light (bike headlight)


Give this stylish bike light to him or her who love to ride, blue and pink is available.

In addition, the youthful and vibrant colours of the Wyvern are also perfect for children.


● Maximum 300 lumens

● Maximum runtime 13 hours, Type-C charging

● Maximum light beam distance: 800m

● Garmin mount easily mounts to the frame and can also be used as a helmet light

Click here to purchase at a special Valentine's Day price:.


Gotorch X Mountain Outdoor Bike Light (Bike Headlight)


Made from aluminium, this Gotorch X bike is a powerful light, so if you have a partner around who likes to ride outdoors, it will be a very great gift to buy.


● Maximum 2000 lumens, Maximum runtime 89 hours

● Includes a 14.4V 64.8Wh 21700 battery pack for power, Type-C connector and supports 18W fast charging.

● The light head is compatible with GoPro mounts, so it can easily mount to handlebars, helmets, tripods, and more.


Click here to purchase at a special Valentine's Day price.

RN 100 TL Bicycle Tail Light Safety Light

It is recommended that you have both bicycle headlights and taillights, the RN 100 TL is first released in the OLight UK official website shop and is available with a 25% discount.


● RN 100 TL is a motion-sensitive light that automatically converts to a brighter output when braking

● Up to 100 lumens, USB rechargeable

● Multiple mounting options

● Red light flashes when the battery is low and switches itself to low power mode for extended run time


Click here to purchase at a special Valentine's Day price:


What product would you like to give as a gift to him or her finally?

Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think of our new Valentine's Day products.

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