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Baton 3 Pro VS Baton 3 VS S2R Baton II VS Baton Pro

Baton 3 Pro VS Baton 3 VS S2R Baton II VS Baton Pro

23 Sep, 2022

We launched the Baton 3 Pro Torch at the O-Fan Days event in September 2022, doesn't the name of the torch sound like an updated version of the Baton 3? Actually, no!

The Baton 3 Pro Torch is an updated version of the S2R Baton II with 350 lumens more than the S2R Baton II and is the first Olight with a hidden light sensor. Other features such as the design of the body, the colour and the colour temperature of the light source have been greatly improved.

See the first comparison of the general parameters of these 3

Baton 3 Pro

Baton 3

S2R Baton II

Release date




Version source

S2R Baton II


S1R Baton II


S2R Baton Upgraded


£48.99 (30% off for the September 2022 event, back to £69.99 after the event)

£ 64.95

£ 62.99


Small /Medium

Small Size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)

Medium size (Permanent Marker)


1500 lumens,7900 cd

1200 lumens

1150 lumens


Beam Distance (m/ft)




Max. Runtime (Hours)

120 days

20 days

60 days

Light Source





Cool White, Neutral White

Cool White

Cool white

Light Form

Wide/broad hotspot

Weight (g / oz)

103 g/3.63 oz

53.0 g /1.87 oz

98.5 g/ 3.47 oz

Charge Type

Magnetic USB charge cable

MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable

Magnetic USB charge base

Compatible Batteries

Customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery


Customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR16340 Battery

Customised 3200mAh 18650


Olight’s 5-Year Warranty

Olight’s 5-Year Warranty


Olight’s 5-Year Warranty

As can be seen from the above, Baton 3 Pro is superior to Baton 3 and S2R Baton II in lighting brightness, beam range and running time, and the original price difference between the three products is not much (now during O-Fan Day, the price of Baton 3 is reduced by 30%). Taken together, it is clear that the Baton 3 Pro is more cost-effective.



In addition to the differences listed in the table above, the Baton 3 Pro has also upgraded a lot of design features on the S2R Baton II, now let's take a look at what other upgrade points are:

1. Hidden Proximity Sensor

Invisibly hidden in the compact head of baton 3 pro, the Olight Hidden Proximity Sensor(OHPS) functions effectively to dim the light when its lens is blocked by a nearby object.Beam shape and appearance are unaffacted, but you are still protected from potential risks of blockage or accidental activation.

OHPS is the first hidden Proximity Sensor in the industry.


2. Longer Clip: easier to carry

The two-way clip of the Baton 3 Pro is longer and wider than that of the S2R Baton II and it allows you to hide it in deeper pockets. The stainless steel used for the clip is also tougher and offers greater durability.


3. Side Switch

Larger Design: The Baton 3 Pro has a larger side button than the S2R Baton II, making it easier to operate the button.

Concave Design: The button on the Baton 3 Pro is recessed, which help us to avoid wasting power by squeezing or touching the torch while carrying it.


4. Color Temperature

The Baton 3 Pro has 2 color temperatures: cool white and neutral white, but the S2R Baton II only has cool white.

Baton 3 Pro vs Baton Pro

Alternatively, if you would like to compare the Baton 3 Pro with the Baton Pro, we can state the case for the Baton Pro here.

1. Price: £ 89.95

2. 2,000 lumens and 132m throw

3. Battery: a single 3500mAh 18650 customized lithium rechargeable battery


As you can see, although the Baton Pro is 500 lumens brighter than the Baton 3 Pro, its throw distance is 43m lower than the Baton 3 Pro, and it is more expensive.

Note: the Baton Pro has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale!


Keep in mind that the Baton 3 Pro is an upgrade from the S2R Baton II and is the best option compared to the Baton 3 and Baton Pro.

What are your thoughts, welcome to leave a comment.

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