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Head Torch: Array Series VS Perun Series

Head Torch: Array Series VS Perun Series

01 Mar, 2022

Looking for the right outdoor headlamps?

This way! The Perun series and the Array series both are high-performance, multi-functional and ultra-reliable headlamps for night jogging, camping, fishing, mountaineering, skiing, working and repairing, thus not surprisingly most people have a hard time choosing between the two.


Today let's make a comparison between these two hot sale headlamp series (Perun & Perun 2 & Perun Mini VS Array & Array 2 & Array 2S) in terms of their appearance, Performance and durability to help you look into their differences and special features, ultimately come up with your best headlamp choice!

There will always be times when you can't hold a flashlight because your hands are too busy grabbing the climbing ropes, skiing poles, wrench and tong, the handlebars of your bike, the leash of your dog, etc. Or even if you simply want to put your hands in your pockets because you're too cold while walking through the snowy fields. These are occasions when you need a convenient headlamp to free your hands from emergencies in the darkness.


Here is the content and keywords of this blog for you:

1. About Appearance: Characteristics, Size and Weight, Mode Operations

2. About Performance: Output, Light Modes, Charging

   2.1 Output: Max Performance, Max Throw, Max Runtime

   2.2 Light Modes: SOS Signal Mode, Light Modes from High to Low, Red Light Mode

   2.3 Charging: USB A-C Charging or Magnetic USB Charging

3. About Durability: Aluminum Alloy Body, Waterproof, Impact Resistance

1. About Appearance: Characteristics, Size and Weight, Mode Operations


The Perun series and the Array series are easily distinguishable from their appearance.

The Perun series is designed to be a torch-like headlamp with one cool white LED on the side and a built-in battery, featuring pretty milled grooves. Because not only can it be bound on a head strap as a headlamp, it can also remove as a palm-size EDC flashlight. Whether holding in your hand, or attaching to your jacket, coat or backpack with the provided pocket clip, or adhering to the trunk cover of your car through its magnetic tail, is available. All for your convenience.

Compared with the Perun series, the Array series is more of a traditional style headlamp. Its lamp holder is designed to be a compact little box with two cool white LEDs of high transmittance lens, one is floodlight LED and the other is spotlight LED(Array & Array 2). Or on that basis with a red light in addition(Array2S).

Moreover, following the connected cable to the back of the head strap, you can find that Array 2 and Array 2S have a thoughtful safety taillight on their battery pack, which the Perun series doesn't have. This row of small red indicators gives an eye-catching alert to night runners or incoming bicycles on your back, being a great help for them to take notice of you and avoid collisions when you walking down the main road.

Speaking of weight and size, certainly, it's a very important consideration for you to choose a headlamp. After all, you do not want to bear a heavy burden while tramping over hill and dale or doing other intense outdoor sports, right?

Perun Mimi Perun
(sold out)
Perun 2
Weight(oz/g) 1.83oz/52g 4.23oz/120g 5.68oz/161g
(Weights including built-in battery but without headlamp strap)

(sold out)
Array 2 Array 2S
Weight(oz/g) 4.37oz/124g 3.84oz/109g 4.62oz/131g
(Weights including battery pack and headlamp strap)

It's illustrated that Perun Mini is the lightest among six headlamps, only about the weight of an egg. Beyond that, the Perun and Array series are similar on average and very acceptable in weight, which won't put too much strain on your head, shoulders and neck, make you feel comfortable and free.

As to mode operations, for the Perun series, it's to turn on/off or switch modes through the front switch. For the Array series, it's through the side switch. Furthermore, all six headlamps can be tilted precisely to satisfy any angle you need to aim at objects.

Perun and Perun 2 have a great feature for safety, which is the built-in proximity sensor: It can reduce the brightness and power off within 1 minute when detecting that the light is too close to an object. While putting the light at a low level, the temperature it generates will also reduce to prevent overheating.


What calls for special attention is that Array 2S has a striking function, which is the non-touch hand wave controlSimply wave your hands or arms left/right to switch mode and up/down to change brightness in front of it, and it will work! When you are wearing gloves and can't feel your fingers or when you are holding something and can't spare just one finger, or you have greasy food stains on your hands, this function comes in handy!

2. About Performance: Output, Light Modes, Charging


The Perun series and the Array series each have their own advantages of Lighting. The former is due to its superior performance output, the latter is due to its unique red light pattern. Let's have a look at it!

2.1 Output: Max Performance, Max Throw, Max Runtime

Perun Mini Perun
(sold out)
Perun 2 Array
(sold out)
Array 2 Array 2S
Max Performance(lumens) 1,000 2,000 2,500 400 600 1000
Max Throw(m/ft) 100/328 120/394 166/545 80/262 100/328 140/459
Max Runtime(hours/days) 4.5days 10days 12.5days 13hours 8.5hours30 30hours

As can be seen from the figure above, Perun 2 is the most prominent one among the six headlamps, with the largest output of 2500 lumens, the longest throw distance of 166 meters and the longest run time of 12.5 days. It can be your ideal companion for a long camping trip, giving you enough brightness to help you with daily use during the day and spot dangers at night, totally no worries about its power.


When we look at the less-impressive Array of the six, you can see that it delivers a max 400 lumens output and reaches a beam distance of 80 meters, almost from one end of a standard football field to the other. What's more, it provides max runtime of 13 hours for on-the-go continuous use, being competent to light up your entire night.

In general, the Perun series is brighter, throw further, battery life lasts longer than the Array series. But it doesn't mean the latter isn't good. The Array series comes with floodlights and spotlights, so they may not have remarkable beam distances, but wide irradiation ranges.


Usually, a 200-lumen headlamp is already enough for you to see the other end of the climbing rope, the fishing cork on the lake, the bushes making an unknown noise in the forest. Both of the two series are powerful and practical illumination tools with excellent brightness, astonishing irradiation range and distance and ample power to go. Perfectly meet your requirements!

2.2 Light Modes: SOS Signal Mode, Light Modes from High to Low, Red Light Mode


The Perun and Array series all have an SOS signal mode, turn it on and it will start sending the three-short, three-long, three-short SOS Morse code flashlight. Everyone should know that in critical situations, what this vital call is to us is what straw is to a drowning man.


Not counting the SOS mode above, The Perun series has five light modes from high to low lumens, Array has four modes, Array 2 and Array 2S have three modes.


Why do we need headlights that can adjust the output you may wonder. That's Because when we want to read a map or a book or repair things and so on, it's unnecessary to have so much light which might hurt our eyes. So turn down the brightness, make it less harsh and save power, then turn it up when we need a hard light to detect surroundings and prevent dangers in the dark. The variety of light levels in these two series of headlights gives you more options for different situations and needs!


Array 2S has a red light mode with three levels as a big plus. Human eyes need to enter the darkness for 1 hour before they can adjust to the dark environment. In this case, our dark vision will be inhibited in a bright environment that lights from strong cool white LED suddenly create while the faint red light wouldn't affect but effect. Besides, if you are a hunter, red light is also very useful because it not only allows you to see clear at night but also does not scare animals.


Maybe words and pictures are not intuitive enough to explain, but here's a video of a landscape photographer on Youtube reviewing Perun2 and Array2, and maybe you'll get a better idea of how they work:

2.3 Charging: USB A-C Charging or Magnetic USB Charging

Perun Mini

(sold out)
Perun 2 Array
(sold out)
Array 2 Array 2S
Compatible Batteries 3.7V 550mAh IMR16340 Battery 3500mAh 18650 Battery 4000mAh 21700 Battery 3.7v 2000mAh  Battery Pack 3.6V 1600mAh Battery Pack 3.6V 2600mAh Battery Pack
Charging Types Magnetic USB Charging Magnetic USB Charging Magnetic USB Charging Magnetic USB Charging USB A-C Charging USB A-C Charging

 All six headlamps are rechargeable with durable batteries of sufficient capacity and guarantee constant and stable charging efficiency, saving you the inconvenience of replacing disposable batteries each time.

Compared with the more common USB A-C charging way of Array2 and Array 2S, the magnetic USB charging that the Perun series uses is innovative. Imagine that now the headlamp has run out of power and you are in the pitch dark. All you need to do is hold the tail of the charging cable, put your hand near the side of the headlamp, and the charging cable will quickly and firmly attach itself to the charging base and start charging. This is ideal for this kind of circumstances!

3. About Durability: Aluminum Alloy Body, Waterproof, Impact Resistance


The Perun and Array series are both durable and ruggedly built with aluminum alloy materials with high wear and corrosion resistance for everyday tasks and outdoor camping activities. Solid and Lightweight, reliable in any condition!


The Array series is of a compact water-resistance of IPX4, which means being able to prevent splashing water from entering, and impact resistance of 1-meter drop.


The Perun series features IPX8 waterproof, which is the highest grade, being able to resist continuous immersion in water more than 1 meter deep. They also survive 1.5 meters drop and remain functional. Don't you have to worry about the water damage caused by the sudden rain or snow or the impact damage caused by an incautious drop.

So do you have your answer now, which one is your best headlamp choice, Perun or Array?

Feel free to leave your stories with them in the comments section and give some advice to the undecided!

(Regret to inform you that Perun and Array are sold out now)

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