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6 Highly Recommended 21700 Battery Torches

6 Highly Recommended 21700 Battery Torches

13 Mar, 2022

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When we are looking for a torch, we would compare runtime, lumen etc. However there is a shortcut, generally speaking, a torch powered by 21700 battery is powerful and provides longer runtime as 21700 battery simply means bigger battery compatibility compared with 18650 battery (let’s not talk about the mAh and volt and set them aside here).

What is a 21700 battery?

21700 battery is rechargeable lithium-ion cell that are used to power various devices including torches. It is said that Tesla Motors, a company in United States, invented the 21700 battery. Similar to other batteries, the 21700 battery is a type of cylindrical battery, people name this kind of battery by its dimensions to identify size and compatibility. 21 for 21mm in diameter, 70 for 70mm in length and the last 0 refers to cylinder shape.

Does Olight have 21700 battery?

The answer is for sure yes. Olight’s very first 21700 battery torch is the well-known Warrior X Pro. Since the Warrior X Pro came out, known as the upgraded version of Warrior X, it has been attracting many attention worldwide on the release date. As a member of Warrior Series and tactical light, it surpassed most tactical light on the market and represents Olight’s high-end technology in the tactical light product line. In its compact body, both powerful lumens and long throw can be achieved run by the Olight 21700 5000mAh 3.6 V Battery.

Olight 21700 battery performance

Customized 21700 5000mAh 3.6V Battery for high-drain torch. It can be used in Warrior X Pro, Warrior X 3, Warrior 3, Warrior X Turbo, Seeker 2, Seeker 3, Seeker 3 Pro, Freyr, Archer, Odin and Odin Turbo. Below are introduction as a reference for you if you are looking for a powerful torches.

1.Warrior X Pro

Born as tactical light, the Warrior X Pro looks robust and sturdy by its appearance. The IPX8-rated aluminum alloy body matches a pronounced knurling pattern for a better grip. It passed a 3m drop test by throwing thousand lights at trial-produce. The deep light cup reflects the spotlight well by complex optical reactions, to extend a 500m throw. With the customized 21700 battery, Warrior X Pro can run up to 8 hours. Warrior X Pro is your ideal choice for professional application of hunting, search and rescue or while on duty.

2.Seeker 3 Pro

If Warrior X Pro is on behalf of Olight’s high-end spot light, then Seeker 3 Pro is your first choice flood light. It appears in public in Sept. 2021 as an ultra-bright floodlight torch with rotary knob switch for better operation and built-in proximity sensor against overheating by obstacle. You can adjust the output for step-less dimming by rotating the button or press and hold the switch to automatically circle through low, medium and high level. It has 4 high-performance cool white LED and milled silicone finger grooves like its predecessor Seeker 2 Pro and boasts an incredible max output of 4,200 lumens and a 250-meter beam distance.

3.Warrior 3

Olight is not just chase for higher lumen but more and more better user-friendly torches on the market. Warrior 3 was born at the right moment to provide a more versatile and user-friendly application. It has 6 output (minimum output is moonlight mode 1 lumen and maximum output is turbo mode 2300 lumens) including strobe (13HZ at 2,300 lumens). It has dual switch and you can choose to enter regular operation by side switch or easy to reach the most important setting by the tail button. The tail button is two stage design and in regular mode you can access to low mode by a soft press while high mode by a deep press. How to enter the tactical mode? Deep press the tail switch and hold with one hand and press the side switch, then the tactical mode is on. In this way you can easy and quick to enter temporarily high mode by soft press and strobe by deep press.

4.Warrior X Turbo

Another new customers’ preferred and it has won Olight fans’ love, and some poeple simply became an Olight convert because of Warrior X Turbo. It is very easy to recognize by its relatively small body (body diameter: 1.03in / 26.2mm) and the big head (head diameter: 2.28in / 58mm). It is worth mentioning that it is only 6.18in / 157mm in length yet it products a super-far throw. It is able to deliver 1100 lumens and a super far-reaching throw of 1000 meters (Processional hunting and searching light Olight Javelot Pro: 1080-meter throw).


Olight’s fisrt mutil-colour RGB light torch Freyr (635nm red LED, 515nm green LED and 470nm blue LED), perfect for fishing, night vision protection, investigation, signaling and directing traffic along with the silicone traffic wand (package included). It also comes with a two-way pocket clip and a premium holster, giving you more convenience while on duty.


If you are an airsoft player, you should not miss the processional piccaninny-mount tactical light Odin. To content against most weapon-mounted light on the market, Odin emerged with its outstanding performance and unique design. It features vibration battery indicator, metal silent switch and magnetic charging for discreet tactical need. With Olight’s typical magnetic charging and remote pressure tail button, you can connect the light easily with the magnetic remote switch and tightly with the ungraded locking function from the remote switch ROD-7.

At the end, if you want to know more about the Olight 21700 battery mentioned in the article, please do not hesitate to jump into the listing and grab one to explore, you won’t be regretful. Don’t forget to share more with us at Olight UK official Facebook group (Olight UK Group), where you can find the most torcholics gathering here to share their life and knowledge about torches with each other. 

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