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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss O-Fan Day 2022!

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss O-Fan Day 2022!

For people living in the Northern Hemisphere, September means cozy autumn; people in the Southern Hemisphere, vibrant spring; people in the O-Family, epic O-Fan Day! 

For those fans who have followed Olight for a long time, they may remember that O-Fan Day is a wonderful festival exclusively for fans of Olight. O-Fan Day is regarded as a grand give-back to O-Fans, always teeming with surprises and fun. How a fabulous chance you can’t miss out on to experience joyful moments.

You may wonder, when it comes to 2022 O-Fan Day - the 3rd festival of its kind, will there be anything worthy of your expectations? Hereby, we are offering you a sneak peek!

1. Online New Product Release Event & Flash Sale

New products are always in the limelight for our fans. This time, we are going to give it an even bigger shot - launching a mind-blowing Online New Product Release Event on Youtube (account: Olight World). Keep your eyes peeled for it on September 16, we are to release a new upgraded edition of our ever-popular EDC Series. Other new products are sure to be included. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the plentiful freebies we have prepared for you, including Olight caps and so on. Stay tuned for more info!

Besides new products, the O-Fan Day flash sale is also highly anticipated by O-Fans. This time, we will bring you up to 50% off to help you save money and stock up! The flash Sale will last for 3 days, from 9/26 at 8:00 PM to 9/29 at 11:59 PM BST, and will be accessible for Silver and above level VIP members earlier, on 9/23 at 8:00 PM BST. Our Popular Daily Lucky Draw will be also active with various products as prizes. To thank you for your support, a special gift with rich meaning will be given, while supplies last.

2. O-Sports Activity

O-Fans are way too indispensable for Olight’s growth and prosperity. Equally, Olight employees are always such a powerful team that backs up our O-Fans in many ways. Although Olight employees and O-Fans have different roles, we believe we share the same attitude towards life: live positively and healthily. With that in mind, we are going to hold an unprecedented event – O-Sports Activity to connect Olight employees and O-Fans together. You can share your favorite sport or even compete for the top three titles and win amazing prizes! Starting from 9/7 at 9:00 AM BST, the O-Sports Activity will last for 9 days (until 9/16 at 14:00 BST) and will bear witness to your glorious moments. Let’s do sports for fun together!

3. Loyalty Programme Updated(10:00 13/09)

We recently updated the O-Fan Club Loyalty Programme. We wanted to take the time to inform you of the changes. We added a new membership level "Legend" as well as added new benefits to existing levels. We also modified some benefits according to customer feedback. More details are at O-Fan Club!

4.  O-Story Activity

We believe a flashlight is more than just an illumination tool. It serves as a bridge to connect O-Fans and Olight together, providing us the chance to create countless stories. That is why we are launching the O-Story Activity on the newly-developed VOC section at It will run from 9/21 BST . Tell one story with Olight and win a new product at random! Your stories mean everything to us!


5.  Award Ceremony

When we speak of O-Fan day, those fans who have kept us company and contributed to a better community are too important to ignore. Accordingly, an online award ceremony will be held on Facebook on 9/22, in honor of their dedication and stories through the past year. Who will take a prize home and of what kind? Let’s wait and see!

Apart from what are being introduced above, more surprises and fun are waiting for you to explore.

Leave your comments below on which part you are most excited about, we will pick 5 lucky winners to award coupons worth £5. We look forward to having you join us on this bright journey.

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All Reviews (6)


Looking forward to the flash sale.

Posted on: 17 Sep, 2022, 22:18:52

Olight User

In honour of the Osports event. My partner and I will be holding an Obulb illuminated Klask tournament. Prepare for an evening of excessive over competitiveness and possibly some MC mood lighting.

Posted on: 15 Sep, 2022, 21:24:37

Adam W

Great activities! Looking forward to seeing the predict reveal and the award ceremony should be fun!

Posted on: 15 Sep, 2022, 21:10:34

Mark French

The last fan day, was really enjoyable, so I'm looking forward to several days of events and giveaways. Obviously I'm looking forward to a new product launch, hopefully it will be something I can use, as I am not a collector, although my wife would disagree.......I love a torch. So I tend to buy new models that have serious upgrades or innovation for a use I have. I expect everyone is looking forward to the spinny wheel, love the thrill and thought of winning. The online events are fun too.

Posted on: 15 Sep, 2022, 18:14:36

Paul Compton PDphotography

The Arkfeld is a great light not only for the outdoors and hiking but with the laser its great for the office too.. Top quality and bight.

Posted on: 14 Sep, 2022, 11:13:01

Tom Martin

Always excited to see the spinny wheel back! :)

Posted on: 13 Sep, 2022, 17:42:57