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2022 July Summer News

2022 July Summer News

09 Jul, 2022

NEW RELEASE: 2022/7/8 14:00:00

Olight VIP users can buy time: 2022/7/10 9:00:00

Official start of Summer Sale time: 2022/7/11 20:00:00


With all that summer glorious sunshine, it's the perfect time to go to the beach or go camping with family and close friends. To keep you in that summer spirit, we’re prepared the 17 brand-new products for our Summer Sale. 


1. Obulb Pro Smart Night Light

The Obulb Pro is the first Olight device that supports the Olight app. When connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, mode, brightness level, and colour can be changed with the app and the remaining power and runtime can be monitored.

Even better, the app can turn them on/off in groups and share QR code to others to control the Obulb Pro together with you. More useful and interesting functions will be added to the app in the future. With app control enabled, the Obulb Pro marks our new start in smart home lighting.


You can download the Olight app from the App Store.

You can download the Olight app on Google Play.


2. Olantern Classic 2 Camping Light

300 lumens max and 180 hours max runtime.

The Olantern Classic 2 is an Olight-tech retro LED lantern with AA batteries/rechargeable LED lantern with retro style. This lantern delivers an even 360-degree light distribution for power outages and backyard get-togethers.


3. imini Tiny Keyring Torch

Quick, super mini, and stylish, the imini provides convenience when you need the light in a hurry.


4. Warrior 3s LED Torch Five Element

"The Fire/Air/Water/Earth Element" is made of titanium alloy and their surface have been sandblasted. The process of preventing discoloration makes the torches have more exquisite and retro appearance. 

"The Fifth element
" is represented by our timeless copper material. A symbol of positive energy. With the ability to clear out any surrounding negative energies and endow you with strong spiritual strength.


5. Baton 3 Blasted Stainless Steel Torch

Designed to meet Ofan's calling.

6.i3T Stainless Steel 

Dual-output slim EDC torch.

7. Opry Pro Tools

Multi-use Titanium Alloy Pry Bar.


Exclusive to Olight Members

1. Open Pro Zirconium Damascus: Gold and above customers only.

2. i5R Zombie Green: Facebook Group member exclusive.

3. Warrior mini 2 Brass: Free gift for Black Diamond only.

The above is Olight UK's July summer news, we have released a lot of new products and held big discounts, do you want it?
Looking forward to your message.

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