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Lovely little light that hangs nicely on a set of keys, very useful when you just need that extra bit of light.


24 Nov, 2022

Great little torch


24 Nov, 2022

Favorable Reviews


24 Nov, 2022

Favorable Reviews


24 Nov, 2022

Favorable Reviews


23 Nov, 2022

I serve in the armed forces and over the years have used many torches and head torches, all don’t seem to last. Since I’ve been using olight I’ve not had to spend money on lesser make/models. By far, head above any… olight is the best I’ve come across, in quality, durability and price. Everyone of my colleagues agree and all want to know which make the lights are that I am using. Thank you for the great products and service that you guys at olight put out. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and blessed new year.


20 Nov, 2022

use baton 3 daily, perfect for edc


20 Nov, 2022

Switched over to olight after my daughter bought me one , I’ve just ordered my 5th different Olight , I love love them, so very well thought out and put together


19 Nov, 2022



18 Nov, 2022

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