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The Array 2S is an all-around smart headlamp with top-notch functions. It features a flood+spot light, floodlight, red light, and SOS. Powered by the rechargeable 2600mAh battery pack, it delivers max 1,000 lumens with a runtime of up to 30 hours. To operate it, use the side switch or simply wave your hand in front of the head. Even better, it memorizes the setting you previously used. The light can be tilted precisely 60 degrees to satisfy any angle you need.

Headlights are undoubtedly the most convenient and the most comfortable lighting among all lighting equipment. Whether it is outdoor or other fields, headlights can free hands and can always be in the same direction as the face, with the most comfortable lighting angle. However, although headlights are infinitely good, they also have their limitations. The most important ones are weight and lighting angle. Most headlights have fixed lighting angles. Although most of the occasions when using headlights do not require long-range shots, sometimes The headlight still needs a little long-range light. OLIGHT Array 2S is a small headlight that integrates floodlight and long-range light. In a small body of only 131 grams, it not only integrates two independent light sources for far and near light, but also Maximum luminous flux of up to 1000 lumens. You think this is the end. In this small light, OLIGHT is also stuffed with red light, gesture control and 6 warning lights. It is a very dazzling small light in terms of function and performance.

       Array 2s design    

The lamp head of Array 2S is very beautifully designed. The main lamp used for long-range shooting is also decorated with a circle of OLIGHT's signature blue, which is the finishing touch compared to the all-black lamp head. Although the lamp head is made of metal, the overall weight is very light, and the weight including the battery is only 131 grams. The protection level is IPX4, which is life waterproof, but with the stable style of OLIGHT, the actual protection effect will only be higher than this and not lower than this. The overall size of the lamp head is about 61mm*31mm*24.5mm, and the size of the battery pack is 75.18mm*33.52mm*30.78mm. Since the Array 2S has multiple light sources, the three light sources for the main lighting are supported by three different lenses. Of course, as a headlight, long-range is not the main design tendency of Array 2S, so even the largest long-range lens has a beaded surface treatment in the middle. In order to pursue perfect light spot transition, the measured light spot transition of Array 2S is almost perfect. Look at last night's shot.

The LED used for long-range emission is Luminus SST-40, which is an LED with better comprehensive performance. It has high luminous efficiency and good long-range emission. Even at a temperature of 85 degrees, its working life exceeds 20,000 hours. However, this long-range light cannot be lit alone, and the floodlight will also light up when a long-range shot is required. It can be seen that OLIGHT pursues a smooth spot on this small light. With the support of two LEDs, the maximum luminous flux of the Array 2S can reach 1000 lumens, which is quite impressive for a lamp head of this size. This mysterious window is the gesture sensing window. When the headlight is working, the detection module of this window will detect the movement of the hand. Waving the palm from the bottom up will increase the brightness, and waving it from the top to the bottom will reduce the brightness. This is the first time I have seen it here. The previous ones were all simple control switches, but this one is a real dimming, which can increase or decrease the brightness, which is very convenient. The sensing distance of this sensing system is 5 cm, which can better prevent other things from interfering with the headlights, and will not change gears casually.

       Arry2s battery    

The battery of the Array 2S is a split design, the battery pack is behind the light strip, and the size is about the same as a 18650 battery. The official nominal capacity is 3.6v2600mAh, and the capacity is similar to a section of 18650. Olight has installed 6 small red LEDs on the battery pack, and the warning light will also flash when the headlight is on, which has a very good safety warning effect. And there are sponge pads on the back of the battery pack and lamp head for cushioning, which is very comfortable. The battery pack has a convenient TYPE-C charging port, and the charging current is about 800-900ma, which basically all charging heads can handle. The actual measurement takes about 4 hours to fully charge, which is quite satisfactory. For a headlight that cannot be replaced with a battery, this time can only be said to be enough. However, this headlight has a special design, that is, it can be used while charging! The headlight can also be used when charging the Array 2S. If the headlight runs out of power outdoors, you can immediately plug in a power bank to make it fully revived and turn it into a wired headlight. With the elastic headband and separate battery design, it feels comfortable and balanced to wear on your head. The red indicator on the battery pack gives an eye-catching alert to those behind you. The Array 2S offers all the functions you need in the dark for hands-free uses.



olight warranty

Beam Distance (m)
Max. Performance (Lumens)
Max. Runtime (Hours)
Mode Operation
Side Switch
Charge Type
USB-C Charge
Light Source
High Performance White LEDs High Performance Red LED
Form/Size Factor
Middle Size
Series Array
Weight (g / oz)
4.62oz/131g (Including battery pack and headband)
Length (mm / in)
2.4in/61mm ( Headlamp)
Width (mm / in)
1.22in/31mm ( Headlamp)
Height (mm / in)
0.96in/24.5mm ( Headlamp)
Night Jogging, Camping, Mountaineering Working & Repairing, Emergency Lighting
Gift Box
Array 2S ( Headband & Battery Pack Included) x 1
USB A-C Charging Cable x 1
User Manual x 1
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Favorable Reviews

Colour: Black


17 Nov, 2022

Use this whilst mountain bike riding, fits perfectly on my Fox helmet with no further attachments

Colour: Black


21 Oct, 2022

Absolutely superb! Lovely and light weight, wore all day long whilst camping and didn’t even notice it was wearing it until I needed it. Great flood and spot light Next I’ll be grabbing the orange 😄

Colour: Midnight Blue


10 Oct, 2022

Absolutely amazing kit and in such a small package. I need a good powerful headlight and if all Iv bought must say this up to now is the best.

Colour: Black


12 Feb, 2022

So impressed with the quality of the items.

Colour: Black


13 Jan, 2022

So after using my Array 2 i have to say i am very pleased with it, i find the hand wave thing good and bad to be honest but the light power is perfect.. i would recomend any day or night haha


08 Jan, 2022

Very light weight compared to my other head torches … red light is abit to bright thou but is fantastic torch for the size…. Ideal for walks and camping with both red and white light

Colour: Black


28 Dec, 2021

I have just used this head torch during a five day power cut, certainly given it a good test out, it works 100% and I think it's worth every penny I have recommended it to all my friends and it's also great for shooting at night


03 Dec, 2021

After unboxing the quality feel to this headlight gives me a feel its going to be good, when you turn it on you get the overwhelming power of this little headlamp, the added bonus of the three power levels in each of the modes is perfect for all its uses. as a youtube landscape photographer i am out a lot in the dark and this is spot on..


26 Nov, 2021

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