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Welcome to Olight

Olight prides itself on being a brand that provides high-quality lights that have been tested to exceed expectations. Our offerings include EDC flashlights, outdoor lights, tactical lights, WMLs, ambient lights, headlamps, bike lights, and accessories.

For years, Olight has been striving to deliver cutting-edge illumination tools to help you do your best in your daily work and hobbies, indoors and out. Creating quality products to help you conquer the night is the root of our business. Additionally, we endeavor to make every light we build a unique companion to accompany you through your brightest and darkest moments and always be by your side.


Today, we continue to remain true to our mission and will for generations to come: By virtue of our durable lighting tools and unmatched customer service, be bold and embrace challenges while enjoying every step of the way with an Olight by your side.